Spread the word about texture analysis ...
Reap the rewards!

Do you know someone who could benefit from conducting texture analysis? Introduce us and we'll reward you with a customized onsite training (valued at $2k) to help your team optimize how it uses our texture analysis system!

Do you want to conduct texture analysis faster, smarter, and more efficiently? Earn a free onsite customized training program with our team of experts. Here's how...

image showing cycle of referrals
  • Think of someone who should know more about texture analysis. It could be a friend who is working on product at another firm or a colleague who manages QA/QC in your own company. They may even be in a totally different industry!
  • E-mail or call your acquaintance to get the conversation started. If your friend is interested in learning more about our texture analysis system then please let us know. We will then will reach out to them to continue the conversation.
  • Get ready to feel the love with a customized reward. If your friend is enthralled with the precision and data that our instruments offer and wants a demonstration, you and your team will be rewarded with a customized training course. It's win-win-win for everyone!

Do you know someone who may be interested? E-mail or call them to get the conversation started!

What's in it for me? An onsite training program custom designed for your specific testing needs. 

If your introduction leads to a demonstration of our texture analysis system with your acquaintance, we'll gladly thank you by conducting onsite training for your team at your facility (valued at $2k). The course will be custom designed to meet your team's needs and interests.

If you have recently had onsite training, or do not wish the onsite training session, then we offer the following alternative rewards:

  • A seat at one of our three-day regional training classes, or
  • your choice of up $500 of TTC's probes and fixtures, or
  • a $250 donation to the charity of your choice made in your name.

The Small Print

Here are the terms and conditions of our referral program:

  • The referrer must be an existing USA or Canadian customer of Texture Technologies Corp.
  • The referrent's facility must be located in the USA or Canada.
  • This referral program is valid for references through 2017.
  • The referral would not automatically qualify for a reward in instances where TTC already has an outstanding quote or has already conducted a recent demonstration at the referrent's facility.
  • Your TTC Regional Manager will work with you to schedule a mutually convenient training session.
  • TTC will assess the acquaintance's intended application and reserves the right to determine whether a demonstration is suitable.
  • The terms of this program can be changed at any time.
  • Our intent is to fully comply with your organization's ethics requirements and we will gladly alter specific rewards to comply.

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about our texture analysis system? E-mail or call them to see if they are interested and then we'll take it from there!


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