The TA.XTExpress Connect:
Cost-effective quality control starts here

Make SMS' TA.XTExpress C the foundation of your on-going quality control procedures

Perfect for use on a production line or in a lab, the Express offers cost-effective and fast analysis for routine texture measurement applications. What makes the Express so special?

It is cost-effective yet very flexible.

For quality control and routine texture applications, the Express has all the functionality and flexibility that the Plus offers. Use is for simple and fast analysis.

Use it with or without a computer

The Express can be controlled with either a keypad, Exponent Lite software, or the Expression texture analysis program. Use it directly on the production line or in a laboratory setting.

The Express' easy-to-use interface makes training a snap.

The Express' learning curve is short and sweet. Training new operators to conduct tests immediately after unpacking the instrument is quick and easy.

If you are looking for rapid, automated quality control analysis, the Express was built for you

Quality control test results are often needed on the spot. The Express uses built-in test profiles to quickly capture and analyze test date. The intuitive user interface, robust data analysis and exporting, and error-free operation, helps you easily keep up with an increasing demand and produce visually-appealing reports in the blink of an eye.

Standardize your on-going Quality Control procedures with the Express

The Express can help measure textural quality, identify source and batch variation, and predict consumer acceptability. Results can be analyzed automatically using either built-in standards, such as TPA and Bloom, or product specific procedures unique to your products. Operators can follow preset test procedures to make production adjustments on the spot.

Use it for new product development too

When it's not being used on the production line, bring it back to the lab for product development. The Express is portable and uses many of the same probes and fixtures available for the Plus and some of the same flexibility.

Unsure if you need an Express or a Plus? Our team can help you conduct a cost-benefit analysis for each instrument option

Both the TA.XTPlus and the TA.XTExpress are excellent investments that are built to last. We can help you understand the benefits of both instruments and recommend the best option for your current and future needs. Contact us today to talk to our team!

Sample sets that used to take days on the Brookfield CT3 due to errors and an ungainly data management system can be completed in a matter of hours on our TA.XTExpress, with dramatically improved precision, accuracy, and quality of life. Needless to say, we are now avid fans of TTC and their products, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our companies." 

Instructional Technician at an alternative meat company

Instrument Specs


0.01 – 10 mm/s

Maximum Aperture


Distance Resolution

0.1 mm

Load Cell Capacity

500 grams (0.1g)

5 Kg (0.1g)

10 Kg (0.1g)


490 mm tall (19.3")

540 mm deep (21.3")

280 mm wide (11.0")

people looking at instrument

Our experience sets us apart. Use us as part of your testing team!

As Stable Micro Systems’ exclusive distributor for the past three decades we have partnered with universities and companies to address how to help them address every testing challenge they have had. We will work just as hard to understand your testing needs and then recommend the appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods to solve your problems.

featured customer story

On land and sea, better testing for a better bottom line

A major seafood company manufactures a popular fish gel product. The product is graded by quality. The product’s grade dictates its market price. The manufacturer was frustrated with their older Japanese-style instrumentation. Labor costs in the lab were high as lab technicians had to test forty samples to obtain an accurate grade number...

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Write us and one of our texture analysis experts will get back to you.

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