When the testing gets tough, the TA.HDPlus Connect gets going

The TA.HDPlus C is perfect for all of your toughest materials testing requirements.

The TA.HDPlus has all the flexibility and reliability of SMS' TA.XTPlus with the extra toughness needed to tackle your heavy duty materials testing challenges. What makes the TA.HDPlus unique?


It is built for the toughest kind of testing

The TA.HDPlus includes total mechanical overload protection and electronic monitoring so it can safely recover even from full-speed impact. Break your products and not your instruments.


It can handle all of your stress and strain testing

Test tension and compression for cycling, flexure, constant strain and stress relaxation on such products as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging, leather, and adhesives.

It is as perfect for light force as it is for heavy-duty testing

The TA.HDPlus can be fitted with 500g, 5Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg, 100Kg, 250Kg, 500Kg or 750Kg load cells. Switching out load cells only takes a few minutes and makes the instrument fantastic for situations where a very broad range of products will be tested.

If you need to test a wide range of products and still need some room to grow, the TA.HDPlus can accommodate your needs now and into the future.

The greater testing bed area and height range of the TA.HDPlus offer the ability to test much larger samples within a twin column frame, making this instrument the obvious choice for users testing a wide range of products, or for those who have an uncertain future product testing requirement. Coupled with easy-to-use Exponent software, this versatile instrument is extraordinarily well-engineered for long-term reliability and accuracy.

"We are a Leather Facility. Our customers want to know how our leather holds up under their requirements. They want to see Reports. Our machine allows us to perform these tests and to record our results. I like the quick response (from the support team). Always willing to give feedback on what the problem could be. Offering to visit our facility if we do have a problem and are unable to find the problem ourselves. The support has been fantastic! I cannot say enough about it."

Danielle Gould, Quality Control Technician, Tasman Leather Group LLC.

Instrument Specs


0.01 – 20 mm/s up to 500 Kg

0.01 – 13 mm/s 500 Kg up to 750 Kg

Maximum Aperture

550 mm

Distance Resolution

0.001 mm

Load Cell Capacity

500 grams (0.1g)

5 Kg (0.1g)

10 Kg (0.1g)

30 Kg (0.1g)

50 Kg (0.1g)

100 Kg (0.1g)

250 Kg (0.1g)

500 Kg (0.1g)

750 Kg (0.1g)


970 mm tall (38.1")

445 mm deep (17.5")

545 mm wide (21.5")

people looking at instrument

Our experience sets us apart. Use us as part of your testing team!

As Stable Micro Systems’ exclusive distributor for the past three decades we have partnered with universities and companies to address how to help them address every testing challenge they have had. We will work just as hard to understand your testing needs and then recommend the appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods to solve your problems.

featured customer story

Getting unstuck before production does.

An animal health care company manufactures a chewable supplement for animals. Their production process was grinding to a halt frequently. Their extruders were often clogged when the product formulation varied on the thick side. It would take 2-3 days to clean the extruders and get production running again. The manufacturing downtime was very expensive...

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