Exponent Connect Software

Exponent offers you powerful test control and data analysis - with all the flexibility that you need no matter what you're testing

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Exponent can conduct and analyze every imaginable test sequence and analysis method.

Along with the Plus, Exponent will be the foundation of your company's product development

From new product development to reformulations, Exponent can help you tackle even the most demanding of R&D applications.

Use it to standardize your QA/QC testing in one location or many

Configure it to be push-button simple for Quality Assurance/Quality Control applications. Projects and test methods can be identically deployed across multiple locations and companies.

Designed for ease of use and quick learning curves

From research teams to students, a wide range of people use Exponent and we support them all. We offer many options for whatever training requirements you may have.

Customize and automate your testing for maximum efficiency, reproducibility, and accuracy.

Create your own custom test sequences with defined specific actions such individual arm movements at various speeds, forces, and distances.

Exponent is included with the TA.XTPlus and TA.HDPlus. For a comparison of other available software products, visit our Software Comparison page.

Sound, temperature, humidity, and more. Exponent can help you analyze multiple streams of data. Attach multiple measuring devices to the TA.XTPlus and Exponent will simultaneously collect from them all.

You never have to start from scratch. Select from over 150 pre-installed, customizable sample Projects. Exponent's Test Maker utility program even helps you write custom sequences.

Data is easy in and easy out. Attach your TA.XTPlus or TA.HDPlus to your computer and Exponent will automatically collect an amazing array of test data. Spreadsheets, text or images can be automatically exported to other applications. Exponent can even be programmed to automatically compare test results against production standards and update production logs.

Expert help is just a click away

Exponent's extensive help system is just a mouse click away to help you better understand a wide range of tools and options within the software. Texture Technologies Corp also offers free online video training so that you can even learn how to use Exponent features at midnight when all of our support personnel are catching a few winks.

"You have made installation and use of the Exponent software easy and flexible. This along with your robust instrument makes the TA.XTPlus analyzer an ideal student research tool. I also appreciate your periodic visits to our lab. Again, thank you for your support of our texture research."

Instructional Technician, University in California

system requirements

>1.2 GHz CPU


1 GB free hard disc space (5 Gb if Video Capture System is used)

1024x768x24 bit graphics

Windows 7, 8*, or 10; either 32 bit or 64 bit


RS232 port @ 115,200 Baud port (only if connected to instrument) or USB 2.0

Sound card (option)

DVD/CD-ROM (or better)

Internet access for updating purposes (preferred)

Due for a software upgrade?

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