Travel grant program

Texture Technologies Corp of Hamilton, MA announces the continuation of a program in which grants of between US $100 and US $250 each will be awarded to members of the academic and industrial communities for papers, publications and presentations covering research performed in North America in which the TA.XT2/2i, TA.XTHD, TA.XTExpress, or the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer is used and is properly cited in the research.

The amount of each travel grant will be determined by TTC's grant committee. Grants may be won by students, faculty and industrial researchers who meet the terms of the grant. The applicant must send an e-mail to marc@ requesting the grant, including a copy of the work and a mailing address for the grant if one is awarded.

Rules for Submission

  1. The measurements obtained with the TA.XT2, TA.XT2i, or the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer must be an important part of the research. The test method, settings and instrument model used must be properly described in the work. The paper, poster or presentation MUST cite the appropriate instrument as follows:

    "The [TA.XT2, TA.XT2i, TA.HDPlus, TA.XTPlus] Texture Analyzer (Texture Technologies Corp., Hamilton, MA/Stable Micro Systems, Godalming, Surrey, UK)".

    Thereafter, the instrument may be referred to as the TA.XT2, TA.XT2i or TA.XTPlus. If the paper does not use the proper citation, the grant committee reserves the right not to grant an award since a purpose of travel grants is to allow other researchers to know which model instrument and software was used in the research and where to get information about it.
  2. The research must be in English, must have been conducted in either the USA or Canada, and must be presented at a North American national or international meeting of a significant society such as the CRS, PSTC, AACC or IFT or accepted for publication in a national refereed journal. Because the AAPS now only has computer monitor-based poster presentations AAPS posters no longer automatically qualify for consideration. Evidence of acceptance for presentation or publication is required. Please note that since our grants are intended to support impactful publication in journals or conferences, papers and posters that are presented at small regional conferences may not qualify for travel grants.
  3. The work may be a paper presented, a paper for publication, or a poster presentation. A copy of the paper or presentation must accompany the request for a grant. Electronic submissions are required.
  4. The work may also be a Ph D. thesis in English from a North American University which has been accepted by a recognized university and has been defended.
  5. The same or highly similar research (work that has similar research objectives, materials or methods) is only eligible for a single travel grant even though it may be presented in a series of posters or at multiple meetings and published in several journal articles or thesis.

Since another purpose of this travel grant program is to disseminate knowledge gained through research using the TA.XT family of texture analyzers to users and potential users, Texture Technologies reserves the right to reprint and distribute the work in a professional way after the work has been presented. Work accepted for journal publication will not be distributed itself.


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