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Preventing 3D printer jams with texture analysis

3D printing is all the rage for a good reason. In the past few years, we have seen many exciting 3D printed applications such as medicines, food, clothing, and medical devices. The possibilities for innovative new 3D print applications seem limitless. 

If you’re not sure how 3D printing works, here’s a quick introduction. A 3D printer is essentially an industrial robot that makes (or “prints”) a three dimensional object from a digital file. 3D printers...

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New cottage cheese and alternative pasta application studies are now available

New Cottage Cheese and Alternative Pastas Application Studies

Our newest round of application studies is now available! Request them using the links below or by contacting your regional manager.

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Holiday lights on the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer

The Texture of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and we are getting into the season into a somewhat predictable way. We are testing seasonal treats such as candy canes and fruitcake (and perhaps enjoying a sample or two in the process)!

The Amazing Candy Cane. Candy canes have a tough job when it comes to our expectations. We do not want them to break in the box or while hanging them as holiday decorations. Yet we do want...

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The Texture of Thanksgiving

Mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberries, pie, and several other delicious foods will be center stage at Thanksgiving celebrations this week. This week in particular we want to express our gratitude to our customers working in texture science who help make our holiday meals even more enjoyable. Your hard work ensures that our food is crispy when we want it to be and crunchy when we expect it to be. While your work might go unnoticed to...

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Reformulations without sacrificing texture: Stratus Foods and Qualisoy

Reformulating without sacrificing texture: Stratus Foods & Qualisoy

Younger generations of consumers are frequently noted to be much more health conscious when it comes to food perhaps more than any other generation before. As manufacturers work to offer “healthier” versions of many everyday food products with lower sugar content, different fats, and gluten-free ingredients, they may find themselves in a quandary. While consumers want “healthier” version of foods, they do not want to compromise on taste or texture. This presents a sometimes difficult...

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3D printed mouthguard for oral drug delivery

3D printed mouth guards for oral drug delivery

3D printing is all the rage right now and every week we hear of novel ways that it is being used. Recently we were intrigued to read how researchers are using 3D printing to develop wearable personalized oral delivery devices in the form of mouth guards. We’re pleased that our texture analyzers assisted in helping this research team determine the tensile strength of the filaments that were used in the 3D printing process. Check out...

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IFT18 in Chicago

Missed IFT18? Check out our recap.

We had another excellent time at the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) annual meeting and expo in Chicago last month. We were pleased to debut the newest model of our texture analyzers, the TA.XTPlusConnect Texture Analyzers.

We had some great conversations with many folks. Some topics included:

  • New plant-based and lab grown proteins: We continue to work with many growing companies in this space. Product texture is of great important for consumer acceptance...

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Chew Innovation fast tracks with texture analysis

Just add science: Chew and Texture Technologies partner to fast track new product development

Food innovation lab mixes in texture analysis firm’s tools and expertise to its recipe for innovative food product development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, HAMILTON, MA, JUNE 29th, 2018–Chew and Texture Technologies announced today a strategic partnership combining the best of science and innovation in food product development. Chew is an innovation lab on a mission to democratize good food by developing radically more nutritious, sustainable, and enjoyable new food and beverage products. Texture Technologies’ texture analysis...

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The TA.XTPlus Connect Texture Analyzer

Introducing the Connect Series

We’re pleased to introduce the next generation of the TA.XTPlus family of texture analyzer! The Connect series is built to offer the same precision, durability, and flexibility of its predecessors. So what’s new? The Connect series offers you the flexibility to choose how you interact with your instrument. The Connect series offers three ways to run your instrument. Each can be used independently from each other, or you can have a combination of all three.

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Cereal foods texture analysis

VolScan Profiler: Now measure density with laser precision

Stable Micro Systems recently announced an exciting new feature for the VolScan Profiler: density measurement.

The VolScan Profiler’s density measurement capabilities are the ideal solution for food manufacturers looking to quickly and accurately measure the density of their products. This gives users an insight into the structure and quality of foods like bread or aerated confectionery, and can give a good representation of mouthfeel – all of which can be used to inform future formulations,...

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Our new indexable gummy testing rig is here!

In 1922, Hans Riegel, Sr., founder of Haribo, created a little gummy candy shaped like the trained bears he observed at street festivals in Germany. The tasty, chewy little bears caught on with children and adults across Europe. Now almost one hundred years later, the gummy bear and gummies in a wide variety of shapes and sizes continue to amuse and delight us. 

Consumers love the many amusing shapes that gummies take. Fruit, pizza, cola...

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The new Plus100: brawn of the HD, space-saving like the Plus

Introducing the newest member of the TA.XTPlus family of texture analyzers: the TA.XTPlus100.

With a higher force testing capability and improved distance resolution, it offers benefits of both the TA.XTPlus and the TA.HDPlus in one instrument!

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