Modernize your volume measurements

The VolScan Profiler is a pioneering volume measuring instrument for commercial bakeries.

If you are still using traditional rapeseed displacement to measure volume - you will love Stable Micro Systems' VolScan Profiler.

Obtain faster, more precise measurements of bakery products

The VolScan Profiler uses a non-contact method to precisely and rapidly measure the volume of bakery products. It rapidly creates a digital 3D model of your products that yields very precise and detailed information for both immediate use or future retrieval.

Say goodbye to messy, inaccurate seed displacement methods.

If you are still using seed displacement to measure volume, you will love the ease of use, accuracy and cleanliness of the VolScan Profiler. While seed displacement only measures volume, the VolScan Profiler can automatically calculate many critical standard and custom baking parameters.

Analyze your products 3-Dimensionally

The Volscan Profiler enables the rapid 3-dimensional digitization of products which can be archived and then treated mathematically to yield detailed dimensional information for immediate use or future retrieval. The scanned data can be viewed in both 2D and 3D representations to allow comparisons with previous archived measurements.

Applications Areas

  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Control
  • Academic Research
  • Millers
  • Bakeries
  • Food Ingredient Suppliers
  • Food Research Institutes
  • Universities

Rapid assessment of:

  • Bread volume
  • Maximum width
  • Specific volume
  • Maximum height
  • Length
  • Volume yield per 100g flour

"I like the wow factor of having a laser in the lab - the Volscan impresses customers. The ability of Texture Technology folks to be able to understand my problems and provide immediate clear explanations on the phone is great."

Sharon Book, Sr. Food Technologist ICL Food Specialties

Why use the VolScan instead of traditional methods?

Traditionally, volume measurements have been obtained by the technique of seed displacement, in which the amount of rapeseed or pearl barley packing around the loaf in a standard container is measured. However the following drawbacks which affect the efficiency, accuracy of the measurement and usability are commonly known in the baking industry:

  • Repeated calibration necessary
  • Operator dependence
  • Loss of rapeseed due to spillage (and therefore seed all over lab floor)
  • Adherence of seeds to the product or to static electricity
  • Seed clumping due to moisture absorption
  • Periodic sieving of the seed to remove food crumbs
  • The potential crushing of freshly baked or soft products
  • The inability to test small products (results are reported to be +/-40ml
  • The limitation of recording one measurement only (i.e. volume, with no other dimensional analysis)
  • Manual recording of results with no digital record

"Seven tough questions to ask when buying a Volume Measuring instrument"

Automatically measure critical baking parameters

Movement and Measurement

  • Data acquisition: 400 points per revolution
  • Vertical step size options: 0.5mm - 26mm
  • Measurement resolution: ±1cm3
  • Sample weight accuracy: ±5g

Sample Dimensions

  • Max diameter: 380mm
  • Max height: 600mm
  • Max sample weight: 1.5kg


  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic weighing
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Our experience sets us apart. Use us as part of your testing team!

As Stable Micro Systems’ exclusive distributor for the past three decades we have partnered with universities and companies to address how to help them address every testing challenge they have had. We will work just as hard to understand your testing needs and then recommend the appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods to solve your problems.

The Volscan Profiler and other Stable Micro Systems instruments have been used in the bakery/bread industry for over 25 years.

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