Video Capture and Synchronization System

Don't miss a texture analysis moment!

Capture visual elements of an experiment that are easily missed by the human eye due to the rapid speed of the test or due to the sample's complex breaking pattern.

image of video capture system

Why Use Video Capture?

Capturing a video stream of your texture analysis tests is a perfect way to communicate how products responds to stress. It is an excellent tool for researchers, professors and students. It is even a strong way to show marketing and sensory departments exactly how the products were tested and analyzed.

image of video capture system

Analyze Product Behaviors Frame By Frame

Stable Micro Systems’ Video Capture & Synchronization System enables manufacturers to replay visual recordings frame by frame, simultaneously with the corresponding force-distance-time graph. The video channel is captured by the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzer's Exponent software.

image of video capture system

Flexibility No Matter The Angle You Need

The camera can be fixed at almost any position relative to the test. Most users capture video from the side or from above the samples. Other tests, including many compression or tensile or adhesive tests, generate very interesting results when filmed from underneath.


  • Collect Video Footage at up to 49 frames per second
  • Relate graph events to visual events on the product - video is automatically synchronized to Force-Distance-Time data for replay frame by frame alongside your graphs
  • Associate video files automatically with its corresponding archive graph
  • Take a snapshot image of your sample test arrangement prior to the test which could be stored in your .arc graph data notes for future reference
  • View samples or objects on your PC screen to preview focus and lighting
  • Align very small samples or particles more easily before testing
  • Email graphs and videos to colleagues easily so that they can see your tests

We want to be your on-call testing team!

As the exclusive distributor of Stable Micro Systems’ texture testing equipment in the United States and Canada, we have partnered for the past three decades with universities and companies of every size. Our experience sets us apart. Please reach out and get in touch if you would like assistance with specific testing challenges. We will endeavor to understand your needs and then recommend appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods.

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