Dynamic Integrated Balance.

Measure and synchronize forces from a second load cell.
Simultaneously measure output from extrusion or actuation tests.

The Dynamic Integrated Balance is a secondary load cell and synchronized scale in one. It can be mounted in many configurations and has already been deployed in both pharmaceutical and personal care applications

Use it as a second load cell ...

As a synchronized second load cell, it can measure the impaction forces of metered dose inhalers, or act as another data channel for typical texture analysis tests.

or a synchronized scale.

When used as a synchronized scale, the Dynamic Integrated Balance quantifies the delivered quantity and rate of delivery of product as a function of the exerted force and the traveled distance. The Dynamic Integrated Balance helps test products where contents are extruded or deposited from packaging such as syringes, metered dose inhalers, condiment and sauce containers, toothpaste tubes, hand dispensers, or food packets.

How It Works

The Dynamic Integrated Balance simultaneously measures the deposited product amount weight while force, distance, and time data is collected. Once the test is complete, users are able to view the quantity and rate at which the product was deposited on a second axis alongside their usual force data. Using this data, users can then make decisions on how well the product’s packaging performs, how materials flow under pressure, determine whether the amount of active ingredient is adequate, and analyze the fatigue of delivery mechanisms. All of this data can be translated into product and packaging improvements, better cost management, and increased customer satisfaction.

Features and functionality

  • Seamlessly integrates with the TA.XTPlus, TA.XTPlus100 and the TA.HDPlus texture analyzers
  • Integrates with Exponent software
  • Accurately collects data from 500 points per second
  • Mechanically protected from overload
  • 100g sensitive capacity
  • Calculates container weight tare
  • Adds “weighing” parameter during standard force measurement tests

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