Powder Flow Analyzer.

This reliable, easy-to-use, low cost accessory can help you maximize big cost savings when testing free flowing powders and more.

Approximately 50% of materials are in powder form at some stage. Powder properties can change at various times before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Use Stable Micro Systems' Powder Flow Analyzer to save extensive costs and time involved in unloading powders that will not flow out of storage containers, improve the quality and consistency of the product, and by optimizing storage, packing, handling and transportation.

image of analyzer blade in pink powder

Engineered with a true helix blade for very reproducible and highly discriminating results.

The Powder Flow Analyzer's unique helical blade naturally cuts through the column of powder being tested and negates the need for complex torque measuring systems.

image of powder flow analyzer vessels

Test virtually any material capable of flow and displacement

The Powder Flow Analyzer can test more than just free flowing powders. Impose extremely gentle all the way to aggressive flows and measure the resulting force to characterize the sample under those controlled conditions.

image of analyzer with vessel

Add it to a new system or to your existing texture analyzer

Powder Flow Analyzers can be purchased as completely new working system, or you can purchase it separately for use with your existing Stable Micro Systems' texture analyzer to extend your range of testing solutions from powders to end products.

Getting started is fast, easy, and highly customizable

The Powder Flow Analyzer includes sample tests that are easily customized so operators can start testing quickly and conveniently. Installation and calibration are so straightforward that you can be up and testing in just a few minutes. You can also fully program the instrument to carry out slicing, shearing, compressing, compacting, and aerating cycles in any combination.

Fully customize it to test whichever powder or characteristic you need.

Program the helical rotor to move through a powder column in different ways depending upon which characteristic you want to measure. Due to the unique precision profile of the rotor's blade, the sample can be physically displaced in many different ways. The Test Settings of blade path angle and tip speed determine the mode of Controlled Flow achieved within a sample column.

Automate once to repeat identical tests again and again

Once programmed, your optimized test protocols can provide identical controlled flow conditions when completing the same test program. Test Settings can show the maximum differentiation between similar products, or to imitate the process or storage handling conditions, experienced by the product.

Bypass typical problems such as batch and source ingredient variations, caking during storage or transportation, and discharging problems from hoppers or bins

During the test, axial force, time and distance are measured by a sensitive transducer and data is displayed and analysed in real time by Exponent software. Sample results can be ranked and compared to assess the impact of external conditions including humidity and moisture content, surface properties, electrostatic charge and particle or granule size, shape and distribution.

What kind of powders and their properties are you testing?

Our team has extensive experience in testing a wide range of powder applications in just about any industry you can imagine. Contact us for more information on how to maximize your powder testing protocols!

"The design of the blade is the single most important factor in achieving repeatable powder flow measurements. The non-helical blade used on other instruments is bent from a flat sheet and presents a large flat central area to the powder being tested. It effectively compresses a column of powder beneath the blade during its travel path through the sample. As a consequence, any axial force readings being taken are corrupted and these instruments are forced to rely on torque measurements because of the inadequacies of blade design."

Jim Walker, technical director at Stable Micro Systems

We want to be your on-call testing team!

As the exclusive distributor of Stable Micro Systems’ texture testing equipment in the United States and Canada, we have partnered for the past three decades with universities and companies of every size. Our experience sets us apart. Please reach out and get in touch if you would like assistance with specific testing challenges. We will endeavor to understand your needs and then recommend appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods.

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